Personal Injury, Auto Collision & Work Injuries

If you are in a collision, you may be entitled to compensation for damages.  You should consult with an experienced trial attorney immediately.  You should know your rights and refrain from talking to anyone other than a lawyer.  We will advise you of your rights, investigate your case and help you navigate the process.



What should you do if you or a loved one has been injured?

1. Make a police report as soon as possible and provide the police with all relevant information.

2. Obtain names, addresses, telephone numbers and employers of all parties and witnesses to the accident.

3. Record insurance information from anyone involved in the accident.

4. Take photographs of the accident scene.

5. Seek medical treatment immediately and keep your family physician informed of your injuries. Tell your healthcare providers about all symptoms and pain you may be experiencing.

6. Notify your insurance company as soon as practical and obtain your entire insurance policy—You should seek legal advice before giving statements to any adjustor.

7. Do not sign any kind of release of information without first consulting with an attorney.

8. Notify your employer or school of your injuries.

9. Keep track of all receipts for out of pocket expenses.

10. Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as practical—Most consultations are free.


1. There are strict timelines you must meet if you want to recover damages for your injuries. You should consult a lawyer at once.

2. Tell your healthcare providers about all symptoms and pain you may be experiencing. The insurance adjustors evaluate your claim based on your doctor’s records. You should keep all scheduled appointments and cooperate with the recommendations of your physician. Missed appointments and/or gaps in treatment can negatively impact your claim.

3. You should keep your attorney updated of your progress and all scheduled appointments.