Estate Planning

You care about your loved ones. You want to leave your legacy behind for your children. Where do you start? Attorneys with Ellis Law Offices, P.C. will design a plan that meets your wishes and fits your needs. We will work with other professionals including tax advisors and financial planners to help you design a plan that carries out your wishes. We will start with a questionnaire. You will provide basic information such as contact information, family information and relationships, any existing estate plan you may have, a listing of assets and your desires for who should administer your estate.

Once we have received your information, we will meet with you to talk about what plan may work best for you. You will have several options, including but not limited to the following:

* Simple Will

* Will with guardianship and conservatorship provisions for your minor children

* Will including a testamentary trust for your minor children

* Living Trust

* Irrevocable Trust

* Healthcare Directives

* Financial Power of Attorney

* Business Plan

* Asset Protection

Call or e-mail us at Ellis Law Offices, P.C. to get your questionnaire to schedule an appointment with an attorney.