Estate Planning Resources

There are many questions people have when it comes to planning for the future, and making sure everything is in order in your estate plan. You may not know where to look or know what questions to ask, but Ellis Law Offices, P.C. is prepared to answer those questions for you and guide you through […]

How It All Began- The History of the ELO Hat & Glove Drive

We are approaching our 11th annual hat/glove drive.  The question is often posed, “How did this begin?”  It all began on a brutally cold day in February of 2009, I was driving East by the Indianola high school and middle school.  I recall I was headed to a court hearing in Marion County.  I saw 3-5 middle school students crossing the street at the […]

Introduction to Estate Planning

This is the first blog of a series regarding Estate Planning.  This segment will give a broad overview of issues to be considered.  The later blogs will provide more specifics.  I will attempt to first show the forest.  This will be followed by a series examining specific trees within the forest.  We will discuss the […]

Another Case Dismissed!

Did you know you have the right to a speedy indictment?  In Iowa, when an adult is arrested for the commission of a public offense and an indictment is not found within 45 days of arrest and initial appearance, the Court must order the prosecution to be dismissed, unless the County Attorney can show good cause. […]

Did My Injury Occur in the Course of Employment? Part II

As we have seen, to receive compensation under Iowa Code chapter 85, an injury must “occur in the course of employment,” and an injury that occurs while commuting to or from work does not qualify in general.  However, there are many exceptions to the “going and coming” rule against compensation.  Employer-provided transport—If the employer supplies the vehicle […]

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