You’re about to go through a divorce, but do you have a divorce attorney? There are many reasons why you should hire one. Over the years, experienced attorneys at Ellis Law Offices, P.C.  in Indianola, IA, have successfully guided their clients through the maze of divorce and child custody laws. They want to help you too, so you emerge on the other side with what you need to start the new phase of your life.    

Here are seven reasons why you need the services of a divorce attorney. 

  • Help You Understand Iowa Divorce Law: Your attorney is familiar with divorce and family law. They will explain your rights and responsibilities to you, so you know just what to expect. 
  • Ensure Proper Filing Of Divorce Papers: Divorces involve lots of paperwork. Your attorney will make sure everything is completed professionally and submitted on time.   
  • Protect You In A Custody Battle: Your family law attorney will fight for your parental custody rights. 
  • Help You Get A Fair Financial Settlement: Your attorney will work to divide the marital assets and debts so you don’t carry an unfair burden. 
  • Help You Negotiate: Good divorce attorneys will help you make wise decisions with your head, and not your heart, for your best interest. 
  • Ensure Divorce Agreement Is Complete: Your divorce lawyer will make sure nothing is left out of the settlement agreement, protecting your interests throughout the proceedings.  
  • Represent You In Court: Divorce attorneys are comfortable in the courtroom and know the rules and procedures. They will help you feel at ease and be your strong advocates before the judge.   

Experience, compassion, and professionalism are the hallmarks of Ellis Law Offices, P.C. These attorneys know how difficult divorce can be, and they care about you. You can rely on them to give wise counsel for your situation and be vigorous advocates for your position. 

Get effective representation for your divorce. Contact Ellis Law Offices, P.C. in Indianola, IA, today. Call (515) 962-9080 to schedule a consultation appointment. To learn more about their practice areas, visit them online and follow them on Twitter. 

This information does not develop an attorney-client relationship and is not legal advice.  You should consult with an attorney for advice on any estate planning.  

Ashley Allen