What is Workers’ Compensation?

Did you know that if you suffer an injury while you are on the job you are owed monetary compensation for that incident? We are all used to the basics of tort law, because of stories we hear and things we see on television and in movies.  If someone blows a stoplight and hits your […]

Incapacity Planning

What is Incapacity?    Incapacity is defined in Iowa the same as incapacity for a guardianship or a conservatorship under Iowa Code §633.556.  It is defined as functional limitations that make a person unable to communicate or carry out important decisions concerning a person’s affairs.    What happens if I am in the hospital and unable to make decisions?  What happens […]

COVID-19: Its Effects on Child Custody and Visitation

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, many questions come to mind for parents who have custody and visitation orders. Some of the questions frequently asked are: If school does not resume, does that mean summer visitation starts early? What happens with schedules that allow for additional time in the event there is no school? Can I prevent […]

Practice of Law During COVID-19 Pandemic

I run a small law practice supervising one associate attorney, two paralegals and an office manager.  The COVID-19 pandemic has created many challenges, especially on the litigation side.  Some of our litigation areas of practice include criminal law, drunk driving cases, divorces/family law and personal injury.  The courts have limited our access and have postponed […]

Things to Know About Texting and Driving in Iowa 

Receiving a ticket for texting and driving is no laughing matter.  A new law goes into effect in Iowa on July 1, 2017.  Before, texting and driving was a secondary offense, which means that an officer could not pull you over solely for texting and driving only. You could only be charged after being stopped or […]