As we are all aware, 2020 has been challenging. Ellis Law Offices, P.C. loves to put the community first and help any way we can. With so many uncertainties ahead, it was a must for us to continue trying to make a difference.

Since our first Food Drive was such a huge success, we wanted to do it again. With the COVID pandemic in full swing, we knew we wouldn’t be able to hold our Food Drive like we did the year before, because we needed to comply with social distancing guidelines and our entire office was working from home.

We decided to collect items individually and deliver the items directly to the Helping Hand. On May 29th, my kids and I picked up the collected items at the office and made the delivery! We were able to donate multiple items, from laundry soap, dish soap, cereal, condiments, and other items the Helping Hand needed.

Even though the impact wasn’t as big, it felt good to reach out a hand and help our community, especially during a global pandemic.

Ashley Allen