The Video Doesn’t Lie!

Ellis Law Offices Gets Court of Appeals Victory and OWI Conviction Overturned  Our client, Joe, was driving his black truck on a gravel road in rural Warren County.  A Warren County deputy was investigating a report of a white truck with loud exhaust in the area.  As Joe traveled westbound, the deputy observed him from the bottom of a hill.  The […]

Boating While Intoxicated

As summer heats up, many people try to cool down with a cold beer or other adult beverage.  Earlier this summer, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled in the case of State v. Paye that it is not illegal for you to be intoxicated on your front porch in most cases. However, it may be a […]

What’s the difference between an attorney and a lawyer?

As a former history major in college who became an attorney, I’m very interested in trivia, useless information and the origins of phrases and terms.  One day a friend of mine asked me, “so are you an attorney or a lawyer?”  I responded by saying that I am an attorney at law. Even though the […]

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